Dr. Michal Stambulski 

Michał Stambulski is an Assistant Professor in the field of Legal Theory at the Law and Markets department at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and executive director at the Centre for Legal Education and Social Theory at the University of Wrocław, Poland. He did his master’s degree both in law and philosophy and holds a doctorate in legal theory from the University of Wrocław. He was a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Law of the University of New South Wales, Australia and Oñati International Institute of Sociology of Law, Spain. He also received the 2023 Emile Noël Global Fellowship at the Jean Monnet Centre at New York University. 

Michał is conducting research under the ‘Mobilizing public interests’ theme in the project titled ‘New Populism and Public Values. A Socio-Theoretical Approach.’ His recent publications deal with the problems of constitutional populism, legal mobilization, and strategic litigation in Central and Eastern Europe.  


Michal Stambulski foto