Prof. dr. Lieselot Bisschop

Lieselot Bisschop’s core areas of interest and expertise are environmental harm, corporate crime, organized crime and environmental governance. Past and ongoing studies have for instance focused on e-waste trafficking and planned obsolescence of electronics, wildlife, gold and timber trafficking, shipbreaking and coastal land loss. The difficult balance between economic, environmental and social considerations and between public and private governance is what continues to intrigue me and inspires my research. As co-chair on Public & Private Interests as part of the Sector Plan for Law, she focuses on how public and private actors together or individually govern public interests, with a particular focus on environment and human rights. Next to projects on environmental crime (e.g. Forever Chemicals-PFAS), her ongoing research also focuses on public and private (cooperation in the) control and prevention of organized crime (e.g. drugs trafficking via port of Rotterdam) and subversive crime [ondermijning]. As a member of the multidisciplinary research team of Erasmus Initiative on Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity, she invests in gaining insights into the drivers of environmental degradation and social exclusion and into the ways in which governments, businesses and civil society can individually and jointly take up governance responsibilities to reach inclusive prosperity.  

Foto Lieselot Bisschop