28th Annual Meeting of the Common Core in Groningen

The University of Groningen is proud to host the 28 th  Annual Meeting of the Common Core of European Private Law. Entitled ‘Sustainability and its Narratives’, the meeting will be held at various locations in the city centre of Groningen from Wednesday, 24 May to Friday, 26 May 2023.

Any questions about this event? Send us an email at commoncoregroningen@rug.nl.

The Common Core of European Private Law was founded at the University of Trento in 1993, with the aim of comparing and understanding the private laws of Europe and thereby uncovering their Common Core. Through a case-based approach, the Common Core has so far explored myriad legal issues in the areas of contract, tort, and property law, with the commitment and help from hundreds of national reporters from various EU Member States. The fruits of this research network have to date been published in the 23 volumes of the Common Core series. The Common Core is the longest-standing and most productive comparative-law project worldwide. See Common Core and Intersentia for more information.

Past meetings were held in Sweden (2022) and in Italy (1995-2021). In 2023, the Common Core Meeting will be held for the first time in the Netherlands. Given the pressing economic, environmental and social questions posed by environmental degradation, global warming and inequality, the meeting will focus on ‘Sustainability and its Narratives’. With the great expertise of ten speakers from nine jurisdictions, we will reflect on the foundations of the law and the role of sustainability in the law before we move on to discuss sustainability in the areas of contract, tort, and property law. We will close the Annual Meeting by exploring Sustainable Private-Law Forms of Collaboration. Throughout the Annual Meeting there will be working group sessions that give editors and reporters the opportunity to discuss existing projects and to explore and pitch new ones.

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